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Smoking on campus.

(1) Purpose. Western Washington University is dedicated to providing a healthful and productive work environment for all employees, students, and the public visiting or conducting activities in university facilities. This policy is intended to provide a smoke-free environment for employees, students, and the public who do not wish to be affected by those who smoke.
(2) Policy. Smoking shall not be permitted inside any Western Washington University administrative or academic buildings and in identified external areas that may affect those people inside the administrative and academic buildings. Smoking will be allowed in identified outdoor smoking areas on campus.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 95-01-006, § 516-52-001, filed 12/8/94, effective 1/8/95; WSR 93-01-080, § 516-52-001, filed 12/14/92, effective 1/14/93. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(11). WSR 86-03-020 (Order 12-5-85), § 516-52-001, filed 1/8/86; Order 72-10, § 516-52-001, filed 11/17/72.]