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WAC 504-19-930

Bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades/skates.

(1) The riding and use of bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades/skates is prohibited from all building plazas, and interior building spaces.
(2) Bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades/skates may be ridden and used on sidewalks when a bike path is not provided. Operators must move at a safe speed and yield to pedestrians at all times.
(3) Bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades/skates may not be ridden on or over stairways, steps, ledges, benches, planting areas, or any other fixtures.
(4) Bicyclists must obey all traffic rules of the road when operating a bicycle in roadways.
(5) Bicycles may be secured only at bicycle racks and facilities designed for such purpose.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 09-11-069, § 504-19-930, filed 5/14/09, effective 7/1/09; WSR 08-08-049, § 504-19-930, filed 3/27/08, effective 7/1/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.095, 28B.30.125, 28B.30.150, 28B.10.560 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 96-15-050, § 504-19-930, filed 7/15/96, effective 8/15/96.]
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