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Any initial order may be appealed by timely submission of a written petition to the appropriate body. An order only referring a matter from one hearing body to another, not determining the matter on its merits, is not an initial order.
(1) If a student does not appeal to the appropriate body within twenty-one days of the initial order (or within twenty-five calendar days of the date when the university mailed the initial order to the student), the right to appeal is waived and the order becomes final.
(a) All initial orders shall be hand delivered or delivered by mail.
(b) Any student involved in a disciplinary hearing is required to provide his or her current and accurate address to the office of the vice-president for student life or the office of the chancellor for the University of Washington Bothell or Tacoma campuses, whichever is appropriate, or their delegates.
(2) All petitions for appeal must be made in writing to the appropriate authority (the appropriate chair of one of the university disciplinary committees (Seattle, Bothell or Tacoma), the chair of the faculty appeal board, or the president). The petition must state the reasons for the appeal and indicate points of disagreement with the initial order.
(3) If a student wishes to request a formal hearing before the faculty appeal board, the student's written petition for appeal must also state that a formal hearing is being requested and must identify the specific exceptional circumstances (as defined in WAC 478-120-100 (3)(b)(i)) warranting such a hearing. When conducting administrative reviews of informal hearings, the faculty appeal board shall make any inquiries necessary to ascertain whether the proceeding must be converted to a formal disciplinary hearing.
(4) After conducting the appropriate review, the appeal body or the president may sustain, reduce, or vacate the sanction imposed by the initial order, except if that review is in the form of a formal hearing before the faculty appeal board, that board may increase any sanction.
(5) Only the president or the president's delegate may issue a final order of dismissal.
(6) Sanctions, if any, will be imposed only after an order becomes final, except for actions taken under WAC 478-120-140.
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