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WAC 458-07-015

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Revaluation of real propertyAnnual counties.

(1) Appropriate statistical data defined. In any county where all real property is revalued each year, the assessor must revalue the property at its current true and fair value using appropriate statistical data. For purposes of this chapter, "appropriate statistical data" means the data required to accurately adjust real property values and includes, but is not limited to, data reflecting costs of new construction and real property market trends.
(2) Comparable sales data. In gathering appropriate statistical data and determining real property market trends, the assessor must consider current sales data. "Current sales data" means sales of real property that occurred within the past five years of the date of appraisal and may include sales that occur in the assessment year. To the extent feasible, and in accordance with generally accepted appraisal practices, the assessor shall compile the statistical data into categories of comparable properties. Comparability is most often determined by similar use and location and may be based upon the following use classifications:
(a) Single family residential;
(b) Residential with from two to four units;
(c) Residential with more than four units;
(d) Residential hotels, condominiums;
(e) Hotels and motels;
(f) Vacation homes and cabins;
(g) Retail trade;
(h) Warehousing;
(i) Office and professional service;
(j) Commercial other than listed;
(k) Manufacturing;
(l) Agricultural; and
(m) Other classifications as necessary.
(3) Appraisal processes. Appropriate statistical data shall be applied to revalue real property to current true and fair value using one or more of the following processes:
(a) Multiple or linear regression;
(b) Sales ratios;
(c) Physical inspection; or
(d) Any other appropriate statistical method that is recognized and accepted with respect to the appraisal of real property for purposes of taxation.
(4) Physical inspection cycles.
(a) For purposes of this chapter, "physical inspection" means, at a minimum, an exterior observation of the property to determine whether there have been any changes in the physical characteristics that affect value. The property improvement record must be appropriately documented in accordance with the findings of the physical inspection. In a county where all real property is revalued at its current true and fair value each year, using appropriate statistical data, the assessor must physically inspect all real property at least once within a six-year time period.
(b) Physical inspection of all the property in the county shall be accomplished on a proportional basis in cycle, with approximately equal portions of taxable property of the county inspected each year. Physical inspections of properties outside of the areas scheduled for physical inspection under the plan filed with the department (see WAC 458-07-025) may be conducted for purposes of validating sales, reconciling inconsistent valuation results, calibrating statistical models, valuing unique or nonhomogeneous properties, administering appeals or taxpayer reviews, documenting digital images, or for other purposes as necessary to maintain accurate property characteristics and uniform assessment practices. All properties shall be placed on the assessment rolls at current true and fair value as of January 1st of the assessment year.
(c) In any year, when the area of the county being physically inspected is not completed in that year, the portion remaining must be completed before beginning the physical inspection of another area in the succeeding year. All areas of the county must be physically inspected within the cycle established in the revaluation plan filed with the department.
(5) Change of value notice. In a county that revalues all real property each year, revaluation notices must be mailed by the assessor to the taxpayer when there is any change in the assessed value of real property, not later than thirty days after an appraisal or adjustment in value.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.070. WSR 00-01-043, § 458-07-015, filed 12/7/99, effective 1/7/00.]