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Stopping at scales exemption.

The requirement to stop at a weighing facility when traffic control signs indicate the weighing facility is open does not apply to: Unladen trucks towing or carrying a pole trailer, as defined in RCW 46.04.414, whose design and use is for transporting logs, except at the points of entry weighing facilities listed below.
Points of entry are:
Vancouver Port of Entry
I-5 MP 15
Bow Hill Port of Entry
I-5 MP 235
Plymouth Port of Entry
I-82 MP 1
Spokane Port of Entry
I-90 MP 300
Wallula Port of Entry
SR-12 MP 308
Home Valley
SR-14 MP 50
SR-97 MP 13
SR-97 MP 315
Kettle Falls
SR-395 MP 239
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.44.105(2). WSR 93-18-043, § 446-80-010, filed 8/27/93, effective 9/27/93.]