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High poverty fundingProcess and definition of eligible schools.

For the purposes of this section, an eligible school is a school administered by a public school district board or a public charter school board in which the free and reduced priced lunch percentage for students in grades K-6 exceeds fifty percent within the school building. Schools administered by school districts that are part of a district that receives any type of K-6 small school funding or the school does not receive remote and necessary funding are not eligible schools under this section. If a school is determined to be eligible, the K-3 full-time equivalent enrollment as reported to the office of superintendent of public instruction on the P-223 will be used to generate funding at an enhanced class size as determined by the legislature, subject to funding provided in the Omnibus Appropriations Act.
CEDARS data as of October of the previous school year will be used to determine school eligibility. A CEDARS extract of October 1st data will be pulled on March 31st to be used as the basis for K-3 high poverty funding eligibility for the subsequent school year. The list of eligible schools will be published by mid April. No changes to CEDARS data made after March 31st will be considered, and appeals will not be allowed.
Funding of K-3 high poverty schools will be based upon budgeted K-3 enrollment in eligible high poverty schools as stated in a district's or charter school's F-203 from September through December. Funding based on average annual full-time equivalent enrollment reported in final approved eligible schools will begin in January and continue through August. Districts and charter schools must meet the legislative compliance requirements of the K-1 high poverty funding in order to retain the full allotment.
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