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Notice of election.

When an election is to be conducted, the agency shall furnish the employer with appropriate notices, and the employer shall post them in conspicuous places on its premises where notices to affected employees are usually posted. The notice shall contain:
(1) The description of the bargaining unit or voting group(s) in which the election is to be conducted.
(2) The deadline for return of mail ballots or the date(s), hours and polling place(s) for an on-site election.
(3) The cut-off date, if any, or other criteria to be applied in establishing eligibility to vote in the election, including that the eligible employees are limited to those who continue to be employed within the bargaining unit when they cast a ballot in an on-site election or at the deadline for return of mail ballots.
(4) A statement of the purpose of the election and the question to be voted upon or a sample ballot.
Notices of the election shall be posted for at least seven days, and shall remain posted until a tally of ballots has been issued. The day of posting shall be counted, but the day on which the polls are opened for an on-site election shall not be counted.
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