Last Update: 3/10/14

Chapter 388-827 WAC


WAC Sections

What is the state supplementary payment (SSP) that is administered by the division of developmental disabilities (DDD)?
What are the eligibility requirements for the DDD/SSP program?
What are the financial eligibility requirements to receive DDD/SSP?
What are the programmatic eligibility requirements for DDD/SSP?
How often will my eligibility for DDD/SSP be redetermined?
Will I need an assessment to remain eligible for SSP?
How will I know if I am eligible to receive a DDD/SSP payment?
Can I choose not to accept DDD/SSP payments?
What happens if I no longer meet the financial or programmatic requirements after my funding has been converted to the DDD/SSP program?
What is the impact on medicaid eligibility on the receipt of state supplemental payments (SSP)?
Can I apply for the DDD/SSP program if I am not identified by DDD as eligible for the DDD/SSP program?
What are my appeal rights if DDD determines that I am not eligible for DDD/SSP?
How much money will I receive?
May I voluntarily remove myself from the home and community based services (HCBS) waiver administered by DDD in order to increase the amount of my SSP?
How often will I receive my DDD/SSP warrant/check?
Who will the warrant/check be sent to?
How will the warrant/check be sent?
Are there rules restricting how I use my DDD/SSP money?
What changes must I report to the department?
Do I have additional responsibilities when I purchase my own services?
When will the department stop sending my DDD/SSP money?
What is a representative payee?
Who can be a representative payee for my DDD/SSP?
What are the responsibilities of a representative payee?
Does DSHS make exceptions to the requirements in this chapter?
What is an SSP overpayment?
When can an overpayment occur?
Who is liable for repayment of an overpayment?