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WAC 388-825-385

Agency filings affecting this section

When can the department terminate or summarily suspend an individual respite care, attendant care, or personal care provider's contract?

The department may take action to terminate an individual respite care, attendant care, or personal care provider's contract if the provider's inadequate performance or inability to deliver quality care is jeopardizing the client's health, safety, or well-being. The department may summarily or immediately suspend the contract pending a hearing based on a reasonable, good faith belief that the client's health, safety, or well-being is in imminent jeopardy. Examples of circumstances indicating jeopardy to the client could include, without limitation:
(1) Domestic violence or abuse, neglect, abandonment, or exploitation of a minor or vulnerable adult;
(2) Using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours;
(3) Other behavior directed toward the client or other persons involved in the client's life that places the client at risk of harm;
(4) A report from the client's health care provider that the client's health is negatively affected by inadequate care;
(5) A complaint from the client or client's representative that the client is not receiving adequate care;
(6) The absence of essential interventions identified in the service plan, such as medications or medical supplies; and/or
(7) Failure to respond appropriately to emergencies.
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