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What are the continuing professional education requirements for all direct treatment program staff?

(1) All staff having direct treatment contact with participants must complete a minimum of twenty hours of continuing professional education each year after the program is certified, or each year after the staff person is added to the staff list. No more than five of those hours may be obtained by attending "in-house" training.
(2) Each staff person's continuing professional education must include four or more hours of training per year on issues of sexism, racism, and homophobia and their relationship to domestic violence.
(3) Continuing education training may be in the fields of alcohol/drug abuse, mental health, or other issues but all training must be related to the treatment of domestic violence perpetrators.
(4) The treatment staff may obtain continuing professional education through classes, seminars, workshops, video or audiotapes, or other self-study programs when approved in writing by the program supervisor. No more than five hours of video, audiotapes, or self-study program may be used toward the requirement of twenty hours of continuing education requirement. This includes correspondence courses.
(5) The staff must document all continuing education hours on DSHS approved forms.
(a) The form must be accompanied by completion certificates, course/workshop outline, and supervisor signature.
(b) The program must submit the form and documentation to the department at the time the program applies for re-certification.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 26.50.150. WSR 01-08-046, ยง 388-60-0405, filed 3/30/01, effective 4/30/01.]
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