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Refugee employment and training services.

(1) What are refugee employment and training services?
Refugee employment and training services provided to eligible refugees may include information and referral, employment oriented case management, job development, job placement, job retention, wage progression, skills training, on-the-job training, counseling and orientation, English as a second language, and vocational English training.
(2) Am I required to participate in refugee employment and training services?
If you are receiving refugee cash assistance (RCA) you are required to participate in refugee employment and training services, unless you are exempt.
(3) How do I know if I am exempt from mandatory employment and training requirements?
(a) You may be exempt from participation in employment and training requirements if:
(i) You are needed in the home to personally provide care for your child under three months of age (see WAC 388-310-0300);
(ii) You are sixty years of age or older.
(b) You can not be exempt from work and training requirements solely because of an inability to communicate in English.
(4) If I am required to participate, what do I have to do?
You are required to:
(a) Register with your employment service provider;
(b) Accept and participate in all employment opportunities, training or referrals, determined appropriate by the department.
(5) What happens if I do not follow these requirements?
If you refuse without good reason to cooperate with the requirements, you are subject to the following penalties:
(a) If you are applying for refugee cash assistance, you will be ineligible for thirty days from the date of your refusal to accept work or training opportunity; or
(b) If you are already receiving refugee cash assistance, your cash benefits will be subject to financial penalties.
(c) The department will notify your voluntary agency (VOLAG) if financial penalties take place.
(6) What are the penalties to my grant?
The penalties to your grant are:
(a) If the assistance unit includes other individuals as well as yourself, the cash grant is reduced by the sanctioned refugee's amount for three months after the first occurrence. For the second occurrence the financial penalty continues for the remainder of the sanctioned refugee's eight-month eligibility period.
(b) If you are the only person in the assistance unit your cash grant is terminated for three months after the first occurrence. For the second occurrence, your grant is terminated for the remainder of your eight-month eligibility period.
(7) How can I avoid the penalties?
You can avoid the penalties, if you accept employment or training before the last day of the month in which your cash grant is closed.
(8) What is considered a good reason for not being able to follow the requirements?
You have a good reason for not following the requirements if it was not possible for you to stay on the job or to follow through on a required activity due to an event outside of your control. See WAC 388-310-1600(3) for examples.
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