What are the department's responsibilities regarding notification of the parent or legal custodian in child protective services cases?

CPS must notify the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a child at the earliest possible point that will not jeopardize the investigation or the safety or protection of the child when:
(1) CPS is investigating a report alleging an act or acts of child abuse or neglect, and:
(a) The child is alleged to be the victim; and/or
(b) CPS interviews a child in relation to an alleged act of child abuse or neglect.
(2) CPS takes a child into custody pursuant to a court order issued under RCW 13.34.050.
(3) CPS receives custody of a child from law enforcement pursuant to RCW 26.44.050.
(4) CPS files a dependency petition.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.13.031, 74.04.050, and chapter 26.44 RCW. WSR 02-15-098 and 02-17-045, ยง 388-15-045, filed 7/16/02 and 8/14/02, effective 2/10/03.]
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