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WAC 388-148-0240

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What are the requirements for fire extinguishers in homes and facilities?

(1) All homes and facilities must have readily available at least one approved 2A10BC-rated or larger all purpose (ABC) fire extinguisher.
Note: Approved 2A10BC-rated means a fire extinguisher with an Underwriters' Laboratory label on the nameplate classifying the extinguisher as 2A10BC-rated. These extinguishers are usually multipurpose, five-pound dry chemical units.
(2) Approved fire extinguisher(s) must be located in the area of the normal path of exiting. The maximum travel distance to an extinguisher from any place on the premises must not exceed seventy-five feet. When the travel distance exceeds seventy-five feet, additional extinguisher(s) are required.
(3) Fire extinguishers must be ready for use at all times.
(4) Fire extinguishers must be kept on a shelf or mounted in a bracket so that the top of the extinguisher is not more than five feet above the floor.
(5) Fire extinguishers must receive a maintenance certification by a licensed firm specializing in this work, based on the manufacturer's recommended schedule. Maintenance means a thorough check of the extinguisher for:
(a) Mechanical parts;
(b) Extinguishing agent; and
(c) Expelling means.
(6) Exception: New fire extinguishers do not need to receive an additional certification test during the first year.
(7) For all foster homes and staffed residential homes licensed for five or fewer children, if local fire authorities require installation of a different type or size of fire extinguisher, those requirements apply instead of the departments, as long as at least the minimum size is maintained.
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