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Chapter 388-148 WAC


WAC Sections

What is the purpose of this chapter?
What definitions do I need to know to understand this chapter?
Am I required to have a license to provide care to children?
How is an application submitted?
When will the department grant me a foster family license?
May I request a provisional expedited foster family license?
How is a license issued and where is it kept?
May I receive more than one in-home family license?
What happens when licensing requirements differ from contract requirements?
What do I do to renew my license?
Who must have access to my home?
What are the roles of the department and the CPA?
Can I be licensed as a foster home if I also work for a child placing agency or children's administration?
When may I be certified to provide care to children?
What are the character and personal requirements for foster parents?
What kinds of assessments are included in the licensing process?
What training am I required to have before I become licensed?
What training must I complete after I am licensed?
How do you decide how many children may be placed in my home?
Can I accept children outside the limitations of my license?
Do I have to admit or retain all children?
What services must I provide for medically fragile children and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities?
What are the requirements for keeping children's records?
What information is confidential and what information can I share about a child or a child's family?
Where can I get a child's health history?
What incidents involving children must I report?
What are my reporting responsibilities when a child is missing from care?
What are other reporting requirements?
What are the travel requirements for children in care?
What are the requirements for my home and property?
What are the requirements for water, garbage and sewer in my home?
What are requirements for my household equipment and hardware?
How must I keep children safe around bodies of water?
How do I prepare for a natural disaster or emergency?
What other emergency fire and safety requirements must I follow to become licensed?
What are the general requirements for bedrooms?
What are the requirements for sharing bedrooms?
What are the requirements for animals?
Under what conditions may I have alcoholic beverages or marijuana on my property?
May I have illegal drugs on my property?
What are the requirements for smoking around children?
Under what conditions may I have guns and weapons on my property?
What must I do to prevent the spread of infections and communicable diseases?
What requirements do I need to follow when I transport children?
What are the requirements regarding food?
What services am I expected to provide for children in my care?
What are the educational and vocational instruction requirements for children in care?
Can children participate in everyday activities under my care?
Can I provide care to youth enrolled in the extended foster care program?
What privacy must I provide for children in my care?
What belongings will foster children take when they leave my home?
What medical and dental care must I provide to children?
What are the immunization requirements?
What are the requirements for obtaining consent for emergent and routine medical care?
How must medications be stored?
Who may access stored medications?
What are other requirements for medications?
Can children take their own medications?
Can I use medication for behavior control?
Can I choose to give prescribed medications, including psychotropic medication?
Can I accept prescription medication from a child's parent or guardian?
What is respite care?
Who can watch my foster child when I am away from home?
What are the requirements for supervising children in my care?
What are the requirements for disciplining children?
When may a child be restrained?
Will you license or continue to license me if I violate licensing requirements?
Are there exceptions made if I do not meet the licensing requirements?
Can people living in my home be disqualified from having access to the children in my care?
Are there any other reasons that might cause me to lose my license?
What can I do if I disagree with your decision to modify, deny, suspend or revoke my license, or to disqualify my background check?
How do I appeal the decision of the office of administrative hearings' administrative law judge?
Can I be issued a probationary license?
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