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Chapter 388-01 WAC


WAC Sections

What are the purposes of this chapter?
Does any provision in this title create a right or cause of action, or compel DSHS to establish a program or entitlement?
What is DSHS and how is DSHS organized?
What DSHS records are available?
What public records are available for release?
Who should be contacted to request a public record?
How can an individual request a public record?
When can a public record be examined?
Does DSHS charge for examining or copying public records?
When and how must DSHS respond to a public record request?
When might DSHS need to extend the time to respond to a public record request?
What if an individual thinks DSHS is unreasonably delaying the release of a public record?
What if the public record that is requested contains information that is exempt from public disclosure?
What are an individual’s options if DSHS denies a public record request?
If a public record contains personal information that identifies an individual or organization, other than the subject of the record, is that individual or organization notified?
Can an individual’s record be requested by his or her representative?
Is DSHS required to create public records for requesters?
Can DSHS release public records to its offices and to outside agencies?
Who should be contacted to review an interpretive or policy statement index, or to get a copy of the documents?
How can an individual get an index of DSHS significant decisions?
How are petitions for declaratory orders filed?
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