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352-66-090  <<  352-66-100 >>   352-66-110

Mooring (anchor) buoys.

(1) Mooring buoys for private aids to navigation shall be colored white and shall have a horizontal blue band around the circumference of the buoy centered midway between the top of the buoy and the water line.
(2) A lighted mooring buoy shall normally display a slow flashing white light. When its location in a waterway is such that it constitutes an obstruction to a vessel operated during hours of darkness, it shall display a quick flashing white light.
(3) A mooring buoy shall bear ownership identification provided that the manner and placement of the identification does not detract from the meaning intended to be conveyed by the color scheme or identification letter when assigned.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.040. WSR 90-07-051, § 352-66-100, filed 3/19/90, effective 4/19/90.]