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Last Update: 8/21/15

Chapter 332-30 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and applicability.
Aquatic land planning.
Establishment of new harbor areas.
Harbor area.
Management agreements with port districts.
Harbor area use classes.
Harbor line relocation.
Sale of second class shorelands.
Aquatic land use authorization.
Aquatic land use rentals for water-dependent uses.
Aquatic land use rental rates for nonwater-dependent uses.
Sand and gravel extraction fees.
Unauthorized use and occupancy of aquatic lands (see RCW 79.105.200 and 79.125.200).
Rent review.
Public use and access.
Nonwater-dependent uses.
Marinas and moorages.
Private recreational docks.
Booming, rafting and storage of logs.
Swim rafts and mooring buoys.
Reserves (RCW 79.68.060).
Commercial clam harvesting.
River management.
Open water disposal sites.
Tideland and shoreland exchange.
Residential uses on state-owned aquatic lands.
Geoduck diver safety program.