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332-20-050  <<  332-20-160 >>   332-20-170

Permit range allotments.

State lands suitable for grazing may be divided into permit range allotments as may be deemed practical by the department. Allotments may include nonstate lands under special arrangements with the owner. For each allotment the department may:
(1) Establish the kind and number of livestock to be permitted thereon;
(2) Establish the period of grazing;
(3) Regulate the entry of livestock; and
(4) Develop and establish the most practical and efficient methods of stock management, forage utilization, and range improvements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.28.050 and 79.28.040. WSR 83-21-018 (Order 402), § 332-20-160, filed 10/7/83; Rules (part), filed 12/3/63; Permit Range Regulations § I, effective 6/1/59.]