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Ownership changes.

(1) Licensees must receive prior board approval before making any of the following ownership changes (see WAC 314-55-035 for the definition of "true party of interest"):
Type of change
Type of
Change in the qualifying persons in a: Sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership.
New application.
Application fee and annual fee for current license privilege.
Change in the qualifying persons for a publicly or privately held corporation. The board will waive the fee for a corporate change when the proposed change consists solely of dropping an approved officer.
Application for change in corporate officer and/or stockholder.
Change in the qualifying persons in a limited liability company.
Application for change of limited liability company member and/or manager.
(2) The board may inquire into all matters in connection with any such sale of stock/units or proposed change in officers/members.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.50.325, 69.50.331, 69.50.342, 69.50.345. WSR 13-21-104, ยง 314-55-120, filed 10/21/13, effective 11/21/13.]