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Owner bankrupt—Release of interest.

Who has the authority to release interest in a vessel when an owner has been declared bankrupt?
A trustee appointed by the court has the authority to release interest on a vessel for the owner who has been declared bankrupt. The release of interest must be accompanied by a copy of the court order appointing the trustee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.070 and 88.02.100. WSR 02-05-059, § 308-93-540, filed 2/15/02, effective 3/18/02; WSR 99-07-041, § 308-93-540, filed 3/15/99, effective 4/15/99. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 7 § 20 and 1983 2nd ex.s. c 3 § 46. WSR 83-23-076 (Order 736-DOL), § 308-93-540, filed 11/18/83.]