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Last Update: 2/11/10

Chapter 308-65 WAC


WAC Sections

Established place of business.
Hulk hauler—Application for license.
Expiration of hulk hauler license.
Hulk hauler—Special plates.
Hulk hauler—General procedures and requirements.
Hulk hauler—Procedures for acquiring and selling vehicles.
Scrap processor—Application for license.
Expiration of scrap processor license.
Scrap processor—Special plates.
Scrap processor—General procedures and requirements.
Scrap processor—Procedures for acquiring vehicles for demolition.
Scrap processor—Procedures for monthly reports.
Statement of change in business structure, ownership interest or control.
Termination of business.
Sale, transfer or other disposition of noncorporate licensee.
Incorporation of licensee while licensed.