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Owner incompetent.

(1) What documentation does the department require to show a guardian has been appointed for a person who has been declared incompetent? The department requires a copy of the order issued from any district or superior court of competent jurisdiction.
(2) How is the interest of a person who has been declared incompetent by the court recorded on the certificate of ownership issued by the department? The department will record the name of the court appointed guardian(s) followed by the designation GDN and the name of the estate of the person declared incompetent on the certificate of ownership. Example: John Doe GDN, Estate of Mary Smith.
(3) Who releases interest on a vehicle ownership document if the owner is declared incompetent? Only the court appointed guardian may release interest in the vehicle. If guardianship is not recorded on the current certificate of ownership, a copy of the court order appointing the guardian must accompany the release of interest. The guardian may not appoint any person through power of attorney to release interest.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110, 46.12.101. WSR 03-12-071, § 308-56A-325, filed 6/3/03, effective 7/4/03; WSR 99-13-150, § 308-56A-325, filed 6/21/99, effective 7/22/99; Order MV 208, § 308-56A-325, filed 7/31/74.]