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Last Update: 1/13/03

Chapter 308-420 WAC


WAC Sections

Reporting events that shall require that the operator keep written disclosures current.
Material events that are amendments requiring notice and a filing fee.
Exemptions from registration—Noncommercial resale contract offerings.
Statement of record—Filings and information required upon application for registration of start up camping resort projects and contract offerings.
The public offering statement—Form, content, and preparation.
The public offering statement—Delivery to prospective purchasers.
Purchaser cancellations of contracts—Prompt refund of funds and consideration.
Financial statements and information.
Written disclaimer of endorsement.
Receipt of written disclosures.
Operation of impound condition.
Release of impounds.
Fee for impound.
Salesperson registrations.
Request for withdrawal of camping resort property.
Fees and charges.
Application of brief adjudicative proceedings.
Preliminary record in brief adjudicative proceedings.
Conduct of brief adjudicative proceedings.