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Procedure upon refusal.

If the filing office finds grounds to refuse a UCC record, the filing office communicates the reason(s) for the refusal and other related information to the name and address provided in box B on the financing statement. The refusal notice will be communicated within two business days after the refused UCC record was received by the filing office, by mail or more expeditious means as the filing office shall determine. Records of refusal, including a copy of the refused UCC record and the ground(s) for refusal, are maintained until the first anniversary of the lapse date that applies or would have applied to the related financing statement, assuming that the refused record had been accepted and filed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 62A.9A-526, chapters 60.68, 60.13, and 9A.82 RCW. WSR 09-12-067, ยง 308-391-203, filed 5/29/09, effective 6/29/09.]