Last Update: 5/30/12

Chapter 308-13 WAC


WAC Sections

What does the state board of licensure do?
What are the board member rules of conduct?
How do I get a license?
Law review.
How can I get a license through reciprocity?
Do I need a stamp or seal?
What are the standards of practice and conduct?
What are the landscape architect fees and charges?
How do I renew my license?
How do I reactivate my inactive license?
Do I need ongoing professional development to maintain my license?
What activities qualify as professional development?
How do I record and report my professional development activities?
How does the board verify I have completed my professional development?
Are there any exemptions from the professional development requirement?
How do I obtain retired status?
Conduct of brief adjudicative proceedings.
Reinstatement of suspended certificates, eligibility for registration, or denied renewals.
Brief adjudicative proceedings.
Records required for the brief adjudicative proceeding.