Chapter 308-104 WAC

Last Update: 1/24/14


WAC Sections

Driver's license required.
Persons exempt from driver's license requirement.
Vision test.
Suspension or denial for refusing or neglecting to submit to an examination.
Application for driver's license or identicard.
Motorcycle endorsement fees.
Changing the address of record.
Renewal of driver's license or identicard by electronic commerce—Eligibility.
Warning letters for drivers age eighteen through twenty-one.
Effect of accumulation of traffic offenses.
Interest of safety.
Driver's licenses for identification and identicards.
Instruction permit—Verification of enrollment in a traffic safety education program.
Driving test—Waiver.
Waiver of driver education requirement—When granted.
Convictions—Suspension, revocation, and denial terms.
Concurrent suspension, revocation, and denial terms.
Driver's licenses—Prohibited practices—Suspension, cancellation, or denial period.
Reissue fee—When required.
Reissue fee—Where paid and accepted.
Occupational/temporary restricted driver's license—Person eligible.
Occupational/temporary restricted license denial hearings.
Convictions—Driving records.
Open container law infractions—Placement on driving records.
Driving record abstracts—Release to insurance companies.
Address requests—Terms and fees.
Driving records—Designation of persons other than employees of the department as agents for certification.
Moving and nonmoving violations defined.
Alcohol or drug abuse treatment program.
Formal hearings—Habitual traffic offenders.