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Chapter 296-809 WAC


WAC Sections

Identifying and controlling permit-required confined spaces.
Identify permit-required confined spaces.
Inform employees and control entry to permit-required confined spaces.
Follow these requirements when you contract with another employer to enter your confined space.
Permit-required confined space program.
Develop a written permit-required confined space program.
Meet these additional requirements if your employees enter another employer's confined space.
Employee training.
Provide employee training.
Certify employee proficiency.
Permit entry procedures.
Implement procedures for entry permits.
Use an entry permit that contains all required information.
Keep and review your entry permits.
Prevent unauthorized entry.
Provide, maintain, and use proper equipment.
Evaluate and control hazards for safe entry.
Make sure you have adequate rescue and emergency services available.
Use nonentry rescue systems or methods whenever possible.
Make sure entry supervisors perform their responsibilities and duties.
Provide an attendant outside the permit-required confined space.
Make sure entrants know the hazardous conditions and their duties.
Implement procedures for ending entry.
Alternate entry procedures.
Make sure the following conditions are met if using alternate entry procedures.
Follow these alternate entry procedures for permit-required confined spaces.
Nonpermit confined spaces requirements.
Follow these requirements when classifying a confined space as a nonpermit confined space.
Reevaluate nonpermit confined spaces if hazards develop.
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