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Last Update: 12/11/85

Chapter 296-310 WAC


WAC Sections

Application for initial and renewed licenses.
Denial of license.
Requirements for a license to transport employees.
Amount of bond or security.
Duplicate licenses.
Length of license period.
Change in business structure, name, address, or number of employees.
Cancellation of insurance or bond.
Refund of security deposited with the department.
Revocation or suspension of license.
Submission of complaint.
Investigation of complaint.
Notice of violation.
Appeal of notices.
Hearing on appeal of notice.
Effect of final decision.
Suit by department for unpaid wages or damages.
Procedures for filing suit against a contractor.
Collection of judgments.
Priority for payment of judgments.
Civil penalties.
Adjustment of controversies.
Filing and service.
Liability of person who uses services of unlicensed contractor.
Inspection of records.