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Why are independent medical examinations requested?

Independent medical examinations (IMEs) are requested by the department or the self-insurer. Generally, IMEs are ordered for one or more of the following reasons, including, but not limited to:
(1) Establish a diagnosis;
(2) Outline a program of treatment;
(3) Evaluate what, if any, conditions are related to the claimed industrial injury or occupational disease/illness;
(4) Determine whether an industrial injury or occupational disease/illness has aggravated a preexisting condition and the extent or duration of that aggravation;
(5) Establish when the accepted industrial injury or occupational disease/illness has reached maximum medical improvement;
(6) Establish an impairment rating;
(7) Evaluate whether the industrial injury or occupational disease/illness has worsened; or
(8) Evaluate the worker's mental and/or physical restrictions as well as the worker's ability to work.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.32.055, 51.32.112, 51.32.114, 51.36.060, and 51.36.070. WSR 04-04-029, § 296-23-307, filed 1/27/04, effective 3/1/04.]