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Categories of permanent lower digestive tract impairments.

(1) No objective findings of impairment of lower digestive tract. Subjective complaints may be present or absent.
(2) The objective findings of lower digestive tract impairment are infrequent and of brief duration, and there is limitation of activities, but special diet or medication is not required, and there are neither systemic manifestations nor impairment of nutrition.
(3) There are objective findings of lower digestive tract impairment or anatomic loss or alteration and mild gastrointestinal symptoms with occasional disturbance of bowel function, accompanied by moderate pain and minimal restriction of diet; mild symptomatic therapy may be necessary; no impairment of nutrition.
(4) There are moderate to marked intermittent bowel disturbances with continual or periodic pain; there is restriction of activities and diet during exacerbations, there are constitutional manifestations such as fever, anemia or weight loss. Includes but is not limited to any permanent ileostomy or colostomy.
[Order 74-32, § 296-20-520, filed 6/21/74, effective 10/1/74.]