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WAC 296-20-19020

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How is it determined which impairment rating system is to be used to rate specified and unspecified disabilities?

(1) Specified disabilities are rated in one of two ways:
(a) Impairment due to amputation, total loss of hearing, and total loss of vision are rated according to RCW 51.32.080;
(b) Impairment for the loss of function of extremities, as well as partial loss of hearing or vision, is rated using a nationally recognized impairment rating guide unless otherwise precluded by department rule.
(2) Unspecified disabilities are rated in accordance with WAC 296-20-200 through 296-20-660.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.010, 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.080, 51.32.110, 51.32.112, 51.36.060. WSR 02-21-105, ยง 296-20-19020, filed 10/22/02, effective 12/1/02.]