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What must the self-insurer do when the vocational rehabilitation plan is successfully completed?

The self-insurer must:
(1) Notify the worker or the worker's representative of the time-loss termination as required in WAC 296-15-420(9).
(2) Submit a Self-Insurance Vocational Reporting Form to the department within ten working days of the date time-loss benefits ended. The Self-Insurance Vocational Reporting Form must include:
(a) The total cost and time expended for the approved plan;
(b) The total time-loss compensation benefits paid during the plan implementation; and
(c) The total vocational services costs and time-loss days paid since the date the worker was found eligible for services; and
(d) A closing report with a copy to the worker or the worker's representative. The closing report must meet the requirements in WAC 296-19A-120.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.095, 51.32.099 and 51.32.0991 (2007 c 72). WSR 08-06-058, § 296-15-4312, filed 2/29/08, effective 3/31/08.]