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When a carrier is required to file.

(1) Carriers must file with the commissioner every contract form and rate schedule and modification of a contract form and rate schedule:
(a) Before the contract form is offered for sale to the public and before the rate schedule is used; and
(b) Within thirty days after the end of an eighteen-month period during which a previous filing has remained unchanged for such period, including contract forms filed prior to the effective date of this regulation.
(2) Filings of negotiated contract forms, and applicable rate schedules, that are placed into effect at time of negotiation or that have a retroactive effective date are not required to be filed in accordance with subsection (1)(a) and (b) of this section, but must be filed within thirty working days after the earlier of:
(a) The date group contract negotiations are completed; or
(b) The date renewal premiums are implemented.
(3) An explanation for any filing delayed beyond the thirty-day period as described in subsection (2) of this section must be given on the filing document as set forth in WAC 284-43-950.
(4) If written confirmation of the commissioner's final action is desired, the carrier must submit with the filing duplicate copies of the filing transmittal and cover letter, along with a return self-addressed, stamped envelope. The duplicate transmittal will note the commissioner's final action and will be returned to the sender in the return envelope enclosed with the filing.
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