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Prescription drug benefit disclosures.

(1) A carrier must include the following information in the certificate of coverage issued for a health benefit plan, policy or agreement that includes a prescription drug benefit:
(a) A clear statement explaining that the health benefit plan, policy or agreement may cover brand name drugs or medication under the circumstances set forth in WAC 284-43-817 or 284-43-818, including, if a formulary is part of the benefit design, brand name drugs or other medication not in the formulary.
(b) A clear explanation of the substitution process that the enrollee or their provider must use to seek coverage of a prescription drug or medication that is not in the formulary or is not the carrier's preferred drug or medication for the covered medical condition.
(2) When a carrier eliminates a previously covered drug from its formulary, or establishes new limitations on coverage of the drug or medication, at a minimum a carrier must ensure that prior notice of the change will be provided as soon as is practicable, to enrollees who filled a prescription for the drug within the prior three months.
(a) Provided the enrollee agrees to receive electronic notice and such agreement has not been withdrawn, either electronic mail notice, or written notice by first class mail at the last known address of the enrollee, are acceptable methods of notice.
(b) If neither of these notice methods is available because the carrier lacks contact information for enrollees, a carrier may post notice on its web site or at another location that may be appropriate, so long as the posting is done in a manner that is reasonably calculated to reach and be noticed by affected enrollees.
(3) A carrier and health plan may use provider and enrollee education to promote the use of therapeutically equivalent generic drugs. The materials must not mislead an enrollee about the difference between biosimilar or bioequivalent, and therapeutically equivalent, generic medications.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.02.062, 48.18.140, 48.43.525, 48.44.050, 48.44.440(2), 48.44.460(2), 48.46.200, and 48.46.510. WSR 12-21-019 (Matter No. R 2012-03), § 284-43-825, filed 10/8/12, effective 11/8/12.]