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Coverage for pharmacy services.

(1) The commissioner may disapprove any contract issued or renewed after July 1, 2001, that includes coverage for pharmacy services if the following statement is not provided to covered persons at the time of enrollment:
State and federal laws establish standards to assure safe and effective pharmacy services, and to guarantee your right to know what drugs are covered under this plan and what coverage limitations are in your contract. If you would like more information about the drug coverage policies under this plan, or if you have a question or a concern about your pharmacy benefit, please contact us (the health carrier) at 1-800-???-????.
If you would like to know more about your rights under the law, or if you think anything you received from this plan may not conform to the terms of your contract, you may contact the Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner at 1- 800-562-6900. If you have a concern about the pharmacists or pharmacies serving you, please call the State Department of Health at 360-236-4825.
(2) The commissioner may disapprove any contract issued or renewed after July 1, 2001, that includes coverage for pharmacy services if the carrier does not: Pose and respond in writing to the following questions in language that complies with WAC 284-50-010 through 284-50-230; offers to provide and provide upon request this information prior to enrollment; and ensures that this information is provided to covered persons at the time of enrollment:
(a) "Does this plan limit or exclude certain drugs my health care provider may prescribe, or encourage substitutions for some drugs?" The response must describe the process for developing coverage standards and formularies, including the principal criteria by which drugs are selected for inclusion, exclusion, restriction or limitation. If a determination of medical necessity is used, that term must be briefly defined here. Coverage standards involving the use of substitute drugs, whether generic or therapeutic, are either an exception, reduction or limitation and must be discussed here. Major categories of drugs excluded, limited or reduced from coverage may be included in this response.
(b) "When can my plan change the approved drug list (formulary)? If a change occurs, will I have to pay more to use a drug I had been using?" The response must identify the process of changing formularies and coverage standards, including changes in the use of substitute drugs. If the plan gives prior notice of these changes or has provisions for "grandfathering" certain ongoing prescriptions, these practices may be discussed here.
(c) "What should I do if I want a change from limitations, exclusions, substitutions or cost increases for drugs specified in this plan?" The response must include a phone number to call with a request for a change in coverage decisions, and must discuss the process and criteria by which such a change may be granted. The response may refer to the appeals or grievance process without describing that process in detail here. The response must state the time within which requests for changes will be acted upon in normal circumstances and in circumstances where an emergency medical condition exists.
(d) "How much do I have to pay to get a prescription filled?" The response must list enrollee point-of-service cost-sharing dollar amounts or percentages for all coverage categories including at least name brand drugs, substitute drugs and any drugs which may be available, but which are not on the health plan's formulary.
(e) "Do I have to use certain pharmacies to pay the least out of my own pocket under this health plan?" If the answer to this question is "yes," the plan must state the approximate number of pharmacies in Washington at which the most favorable enrollee cost sharing will be provided, and some means by which the enrollee can learn which ones they are.
(f) "How many days' supply of most medications can I get without paying another co-pay or other repeating charge?" The response should discuss normal and exceptional supply limits, mail order arrangements and travel supply and refill requirements or guidelines.
(g) "What other pharmacy services does my health plan cover?" The response should include any "intellectual services," or disease management services reimbursed by the plan in addition to those required under state and federal law in connection with dispensing, such as disease management services for migraine, diabetes, smoking cessation, asthma, or lipid management.
(3) The commissioner may disapprove any contract issued or renewed after July 1, 2001, that includes coverage for pharmacy services if the general categories of drugs excluded from coverage are not provided to covered persons at the time of enrollment. Such categories may include items such as appetite suppressants, dental prescriptions, cosmetic agents or most over-the-counter medications. This subsection intends only to promote clearer enrollee understanding of the exclusions, reductions and limitations contained in a health plan, and not to suggest that any particular categories of coverage for drugs or pharmacy services should be excluded, reduced, or limited by a health plan.
(4) In complying with these requirements, a carrier may, where appropriate and consistent with the provisions of these rules, consolidate the information with other material required by disclosure provisions set forth in RCW 48.43.510 and WAC 284-43-820.
(5) This information may be provided in a narrative form to the extent that the content of both questions and answers is included.
(6) The commissioner may grant an extension or waive these requirements for good cause and if there is assurance that the information, required herein, is distributed in a timely manner consistent with the purpose and intent of these rules.
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