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284-20C-030  <<  284-20C-040 >>   284-20C-050

Rules for rejected filings made under RCW 48.110.073(3).

(1) RCW 48.110.073(3) says contracts must be filed with the commissioner within sixty days after the provider first issues the contract to a consumer. If the commissioner rejects a filing under WAC 284-20C-030, the provider has not filed contracts with the commissioner.
(2) If the commissioner rejects a filing submitted under RCW 48.110.073(3) the:
(a) Filer must promptly send a new filing to the commissioner within the original sixty-day use and file period in RCW 48.110.073(3); or
(b) Provider must stop issuing motor vehicle service contracts sent with the rejected filing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.110.150. WSR 08-21-091 (Matter No. 2007-11), § 284-20C-040, filed 10/15/08, effective 2/1/09.]