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284-20B-120  <<  284-20B-130 >>   284-20B-140

Effective date rules.

(1) Filers must include a common effective date for all forms submitted in a filing. The insurer may use different effective dates for new and renewal policies if the filing includes this request and the policy includes a liberalization clause or condition.
(2) The proposed effective date must be a specific date.
(a) Vague statements, such as one that says the insurer will implement the filing thirty days after the commissioner's approval is not specific, and does not comply with this rule.
(b) If an insurer is filing a new program or optional endorsement, the filer may request an effective date concurrent with the commissioner's approval.
(3) The proposed effective date must be consistent with the law. Forms filed under RCW 48.18.103 must propose an effective date no more than thirty days before the date filed.
(4) If an insurer revises the effective date, the commissioner must receive this request in SERFF before the original effective date of the filing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.110.150. WSR 08-21-091, (Matter No. 2007-11) § 284-20B-130, filed 10/15/08, effective 2/1/09.]