Chapter 284-17 WAC

Last Update: 7/2/13


WAC Sections

Address of record.
Limited line credit insurance.
Limited line of travel insurance.
Variable life and variable annuity products—Standards for resident licenses.
Specialty producer license—Portable electronics.
Specialty producer license—Portable electronics renewal process.
Electronic submission of licensing processes—Implementation dates.
Required e-mail address for licensing transactions.
Resident insurance producer licensees—Examination required, procedures.
Applications for nonresident insurance producer licenses.
Resident and nonresident adjuster licenses—Trainees.
Examination for limited line surety and limited line credit insurance license required.
Prohibited acts or practices by license examinees.
Admittance to examination.
Education referrals.
Continuing insurance education—Minimum standards.
Continuing insurance education required—Resident licensees.
Continuing insurance education exemptions.
Continuing insurance education—Required credit hours.
Required proof of completion of a course.
Request for approval of attendance at an insurance related education course that is not preapproved and is given by a nonapproved insurance education provider.
Approval of continuing insurance education credit for insurance related college courses.
Retaking a continuing insurance education course.
No carry-over of excess continuing education credits.
Waiver of the continuing insurance education requirements.
Approved credits for insurance education instructors.
Certification by insurer of completion of long-term care insurance education due date.
Reciprocity—Application of long-term care credits to continuing education requirement.
Sales of annuities—Insurance producer training.
Continuing insurance education providers—Standards.
Responsibilities of an approved continuing insurance education provider.
Continuing insurance education provider numbers.
Approval of a continuing insurance education course.
Continuing insurance education course numbers.
Designation courses.
Continuing insurance education course credit hours.
Certificates of completion of continuing insurance education courses—Form.
Renewal—Continuing insurance education provider.
Renewal—Approval of a continuing insurance education course.
Actions by a continuing insurance education provider that may result in a fine.
Revocation or suspension of approval of a continuing insurance education provider—Reinstatement.
Grounds for revocation or suspension of approval of a continuing insurance education course.
Content of a course advertisements.
NAIC Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Agreement.
Reciprocity for nonresident insurance producers holding licenses for lines of authority in the home state that are not issued in this state.
Term of initial and reinstated individual license.
Appointments and affiliations of licensees.
Notification of appointments and affiliations.
Notice that a licensee is not eligible for an electronic appointment or affiliation.
Renewal of appointments or affiliations.
Termination of an appointment or affiliation by an insurer or business entity.
Termination of an affiliation for cause.
Consequences—Insurance producers not eligible for appointment by the insurer.
Affiliation requirements.
License requirements for business entity affiliations.
Termination of an appointment or affiliation by an insurance producer.
Late renewal or reinstatement.
Prelicensing insurance education requirement.
Waiver of the prelicensing insurance education requirement—Equivalent education.
Home self-study—Candidate, course materials and approved providers.
Home self-study—Materials, course standards.
Certificates of completion required for admittance to licensing exam—Passing score report must be provided to the commissioner.
Requirements applicable to all prelicensing insurance education providers.
Program director's qualifications and responsibilities.
Prelicensing insurance education instructor qualifications and responsibilities.
Certificates of completion of a prelicensing insurance education course.
Requirements applicable to independent prelicensing insurance education providers.
Requirements applicable to insurer-based prelicensing education providers.
Renewal—Prelicensing insurance education provider.
Prelicensing insurance education course standards.
Prelicensing insurance education—Candidate handbook.
Providers denied approval.
Suspension or revocation of approved prelicensing insurance education providers.
Prelicensing insurance education provider numbers.
Actions by a prelicensing insurance education provider that may result in a fine.
Reinstatement of approval of a prelicensing insurance education provider.
Grounds for revocation or suspension of approval of a prelicensing insurance education course.
Licensing requirements for insurance producers who maintain more than one place of business in the state.
Insurance producers and business entities home state.
Loans from insurance clients—Reasonable arrangements.
Documentation of consent to remuneration in addition to a fee where insurance is purchased over the telephone or by electronic means.
Display of licenses.
Crop adjuster prelicensing education and examination requirements.
Crop adjuster license renewal requirements.
Crop adjusters who are salaried employees of an insurance company or of a managing general agent.
Limited conversion to crop adjuster license.