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Evaluation and treatment experience credit.

(1) Evaluation experience credit. The following can be counted for evaluation experience credit:
(a) Preparation of a written SSOSA, SSODA, self-referral or forensic evaluation;
(b) Primary or secondary responsibility for interviewing the client;
(c) Preparation of the written evaluation report;
(d) All contact with clients; and
(e) Preparation of limited assessments for the purpose of:
(i) Institution classification;
(ii) Treatment monitoring; and
(iii) Reporting.
(2) Treatment experience credit. The following can be counted for treatment experience credit:
(a) Face-to-face treatment hours performed by affiliates under the supervision of certified providers;
(b) Time spent as a co-therapist. Both therapists must have formal responsibility for the group session; and
(c) Time spent maintaining collateral contacts and written case/progress notes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.155.040. WSR 07-09-092, § 246-930-350, filed 4/18/07, effective 5/19/07.]