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General definitions.

In these rules, the following terms shall have the definition described below, unless another definition is stated:
(1) "Affiliate sex offender treatment provider" or "affiliate" means an individual who has satisfactorily passed the examination, met the education requirements, and has been issued a certificate to evaluate and treat sex offenders under chapter 18.155 RCW, and under the supervision of a certified sex offender treatment provider in accordance with the supervision requirements set forth in WAC 246-930-075.
(2) "Certified sex offender treatment provider" or "provider" means an individual who has satisfactorily passed the examination, met the education and experience requirements, and has been issued a certificate by the department to evaluate and treat sex offenders under chapter 18.155 RCW.
(3) "Client" means a person who has been investigated by law enforcement or child protective services for committing or allegedly committing a sex offense, or who has been convicted of a sex offense.
(4) "Committee" means the sex offender treatment providers advisory committee.
(5) "Community protection contract" means the document specifying the treatment rules and requirements the client has agreed to follow in order to maximize community safety.
(6) "Co-therapy hours" means the actual number of hours the applicant spent facilitating a group session.
(7) "Credential" or its derivative means the process of licensing, registration, certification or the equivalent through which a person is legally recognized by a state agency as lawfully authorized to practice a health profession.
(8) "Department" means the department of health.
(9) "Evaluation" means a comprehensive assessment or examination of a client conducted by a provider or affiliate that examines the client's offending behavior. Evaluation results must be detailed in a written report. Examples of evaluations include forensic, SSOSA, and SSODA evaluations. Standards for assessment and evaluation reports, and evaluation experience credit are located in WAC 246-930-320 and 246-930-340.
(10) "Parties" means the defendant, the prosecuting attorney, and the supervising officer.
(11) "Secretary" means the secretary of the department of health, or designee.
(12) "SSODA" means special sex offender disposition alternative, authorized under RCW 13.40.160.
(13) "SSOSA" means special sex offender sentencing alternative, authorized under RCW 9.94A.670.
(14) "Supervising officer" is the designated representative of the agency having oversight responsibility for a client sentenced under SSOSA or SSODA, for example, a community corrections officer or a juvenile probation officer.
(15) "Treatment" means face-to-face individual, group, or family therapy, provided by an affiliate or provider, to a client. Treatment is focused on the client's offending behavior.
(16) "Treatment plan" means a written statement of intended care and services as documented in the evaluation that details how the client's treatment needs will be met while protecting the community during the course of treatment.
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