Chapter 246-924 WAC

Last Update: 12/16/13


WAC Sections

Guidelines for the promulgation of administrative rules.
Guidelines for the employment and/or supervision of auxiliary staff.
Education and experience requirements for licensure.
Doctoral degree program.
Post-doctoral supervised experience.
Psychologists—Written examination.
Failure of written examinations.
Qualifications for granting of license by endorsement.
AIDS education and training.
Brief adjudicative proceedings—Denials based on failure to meet education, experience, or examination prerequisites for licensure.
Certificates of qualification.
Certificates of qualification—Title.
Certificates of qualification—Procedure for additional areas of function.
Continued supervision of persons receiving certificates of qualification.
Certificates of qualification—Representations to clients.
Continuing education—Purpose and scope.
Continuing education requirements.
Definitions of categories of creditable continuing education.
Continuing education—Special considerations.
Suicide training standards.
Definition of acceptable documentation and proof of CE.
Continuing education—Exemptions.
Rules of ethical conduct.
Maintenance and retention of records.
Continuity of care.
Impaired objectivity.
Multiple relationships.
Sexual misconduct.
Client welfare.
Exploiting supervisees and research subjects.
Protecting confidentiality of clients.
Assessment procedures.
Fraud, misrepresentation, or deception.
Aiding illegal practice.
Parenting evaluations—Standards.
Limited services related to parenting evaluations.
Examination fees—Failure to appear at examination session.
Model procedural rules.
Temporary permits.
How to obtain a temporary practice permit while the national background check is completed.
Qualifications for granting a license.
Retired active credential.
Psychology fees and renewal cycle.