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Sharp debridement education and training.

Licensed physical therapists may perform sharp debridement upon showing evidence of adequate education and training. Physical therapists may not delegate sharp debridement. The board will accept the following as adequate education and training:
(1) Twenty hours of mentored sharp debridement training - mentored training includes observation, cotreatment, and supervised treatment. Twenty hours mentored training in a clinical setting must include a case mix similar to the physical therapists' expected practice; or
(2) Certification as a wound care specialist by the American Academy of Wound Management; the National Alliance of Wound Care; or other organizations approved by the board, meets the requirements of this section; or
(3) An affidavit submitted prior to July 1, 2006, by a physical therapist licensed in Washington demonstrating education and training in sharp debridement, including the use of a scalpel.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.74.023, 18.74.010(11), and 18.74.160. WSR 06-18-044, § 246-915-360, filed 8/30/06, effective 9/30/06.]