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Mandatory reporting—General provisions.

(1) The following definitions apply to the requirements for mandatory reporting set out in WAC 246-915-220 through 246-915-280:
(a) "Unprofessional conduct" as used in these regulations shall mean the conduct described in RCW 18.130.180.
(b) "Hospital" means any health care institution licensed pursuant to chapter 70.41 RCW.
(c) "Nursing home" means any health care institution which comes under chapter 18.51 RCW.
(d) "Home health agency" means a person administering or providing two or more home health services directly or through a contract arrangement to individuals in places of temporary or permanent residence. A person administering or providing nursing services only may elect to be designated a home health agency for purposes of licensure.
(e) "Board" means the physical therapy board, whose address is:
Department of Health
P.O. Box 47868
Olympia, WA 98504-7868
(f) "Physical therapist" means a person licensed pursuant to chapter 18.74 RCW.
(g) "Mentally or physically disabled physical therapist" means a physical therapist who has either been determined by a court to be mentally incompetent or mentally ill or who is unable to practice physical therapy with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of any mental or physical condition.
(2) All reports required by WAC 246-915-220 through 246-915-280 shall be submitted to the board as soon as possible. A report shall contain the following information if known:
(a) The name, address and telephone number of the person making the report.
(b) The name and address and telephone numbers of the physical therapist being reported.
(c) The case number of any patient whose treatment is a subject of the report.
(d) A brief description or summary of the facts which gave rise to the issuance of the report, including dates of occurrences.
(e) If court action is involved, the name of the court in which the action is filed along with the date of filing and docket number.
(f) Any further information which would aid the evaluation of the report.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.74.023(3) and 18.130.070. WSR 04-08-100, § 246-915-210, filed 4/6/04, effective 5/7/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.74.023. WSR 91-05-094 (Order 144B), § 246-915-210, filed 2/20/91, effective 3/23/91; WSR 91-02-011 (Order 103B), recodified as § 246-915-210, filed 12/21/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.130.070. WSR 87-18-040 (Order PM 675), § 308-42-210, filed 8/28/87.]
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