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Pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio.

(1) A standard ratio of one pharmacist to a maximum of three technicians is established for each licensed pharmacy.
(2) The pharmacist must be actively practicing pharmacy.
(3) In determining which pharmacists may be included in the calculation of the ratio, the board will consider approval of pharmacy technician utilization plans which include all pharmacists within the pharmacy who are engaged in the actual practice of pharmacy. When the pharmacy provides service to inpatients of a hospital or extended care facility, pharmacists who are practicing pharmacy outside of the confines of the licensed pharmacy (for example, performing nursing unit inspections, reviewing charts, consulting with health professional staff) may be included in the ratio, if:
(a) There are sufficient numbers of pharmacists within the pharmacy to properly supervise the work of the pharmacy technicians;
(b) The pharmacy is not open to the public;
(c) The medications are being checked by another health professional before being given to the patient;
(d) Drug orders are not dispensed from the pharmacy without being checked by a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy intern except for board-approved pharmacy technician specialized functions provided a pharmacy technician may check unit-dose medication cassettes.
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