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WAC 246-887-030

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Dispensing Schedule V controlled substances.

(1) Those drugs classified in Schedule V of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (RCW 69.50.212) which can be dispensed without a prescription can be so distributed only for the medical purpose(s) indicated on the manufacturer's label (e.g., cough syrups may only be dispensed for the treatment of coughs) and shall be dispensed in accordance with the following rules.
(2) Only a licensed pharmacist or a pharmacy intern may dispense a Schedule V drug. The pharmacist or pharmacy intern making the sale is responsible for the recording of the required information in the Schedule V register book. The pharmacist or pharmacy intern shall not sell a Schedule V drug to a person below the age of 21 and shall require the purchaser to supply identification so that the purchaser's true name, address and age can be verified. The pharmacist must keep the Schedule V drugs in a safe place not accessible to members of the public. The name and address of the pharmacy must be placed on the bottle or vial of each Schedule V drug sold and the pharmacist or pharmacy intern dispensing the product must place the date of sale and his/her initials on the label at the time of sale. The pharmacist or pharmacy intern is required to show every purchaser of a Schedule V product a copy of subsections (3) and (4) of this rule (sections relating to purchaser(s) of Schedule V drugs).
(3) No person shall obtain a Schedule V drug without a practitioner's prescription unless he/she complies with the following:
(a) The product must be purchased as a medicine for its indicated medical use only;
(b) The purchaser must sign the Schedule V register book with his/her true name and address and supply proof of identification.
(c) The purchaser cannot purchase more than 120 mls (four fluid ounces) of Schedule V cough preparations, nor more than 240 mls (eight fluid ounces) of Schedule V anti-diarrheal preparations.
(4) In the absence of a practitioner's prescription, no pharmacist or pharmacy shall sell to any person, nor shall any person obtain, within a ninety-six hour period, more than the maximum quantity set forth in subsection (3)(c) of this rule. Further, no pharmacist or pharmacy shall sell to any person, nor shall any person obtain more than twice the maximum quantity set forth in (3)(c) above in any sixty-day period.
(5)(a) Every pharmacy handling Schedule V drugs must keep a Schedule V register book in which the following statement must appear at the top of each page: "I have not obtained any Schedule V preparations within the last ninety-six hours, nor obtained Schedule V preparations more than twice within the last sixty days. This is my true name and address." All sales of Schedule V preparations without a practitioner's prescription shall be recorded in the Schedule V register book and the following information must be recorded therein:
(i) Printed name of purchaser
(ii) Signature of purchaser
(iii) Address of purchaser
(iv) Name of the Schedule V preparation sold
(v) Quantity of Schedule V preparation sold
(vi) Date of sale
(vii) Initials or name of pharmacist or pharmacy intern who sold the Schedule V drug
(viii) Proof of identification: A unique identification number from a driver's license or from other state or federally issued photo identification card.
(b) All register books used to record the sale of Schedule V preparations shall conform to the following standards:
(i) The book shall be 8 1/2 inches wide, 11 inches long.
(ii) The book shall be securely bound, not loose leaf or spiral bound.
(iii) The book shall have its pages consecutively numbered with a unique number assigned to each book and identified on each page.
(iv) Each page shall consist of an original and duplicate. If any sales are recorded, the duplicate sheet must be mailed to the board of pharmacy when completed or on the last day of each month, whichever is earlier.
(3) All pharmacy records relating to Schedule V drugs shall be open to examination by state board of pharmacy investigators during normal business hours. The refusal to permit such examination shall constitute grounds for the suspension or revocation of the pharmacist's license.
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