Chapter 246-869 WAC

Last Update: 9/14/09


WAC Sections

Pharmacies' responsibilities.
Pharmacies and differential hours.
Pharmacy license notice requirements.
New pharmacy registration.
Employers to require evidence of pharmacist's qualifications.
Responsible manager—Appointment.
Clinic dispensaries.
Prescription transfers.
Prescription record requirements.
Refusal to permit inspection.
Mechanical devices in hospitals.
Return or exchange of drugs.
Prescription department—Conversing with pharmacist prohibited.
Physical standards for pharmacies—Adequate stock.
Physical standards for pharmacies—Adequate facilities.
Physical standards for pharmacies—Sanitary conditions.
Physical standards for pharmacies—Adequate equipment.
Pharmacy inspections.
Poison control.
Prescription labeling.
Patient counseling required.
Child-resistant containers.
Prescription drug repackaging—Definitions.
Closing a pharmacy.
Customized patient medication packages.