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Chapter 246-853 WAC


WAC Sections

Osteopathic medicine and surgery examination.
Special purpose examination.
Acceptable intern or residency programs.
Inactive credential.
Ethical considerations.
Continuing professional education required.
Mandatory one-time training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management.
Categories of creditable continuing professional education activities.
Continuing education.
Approved colleges and schools of osteopathic medicine and surgery.
Prior approval not required.
Prohibited publicity and advertising.
Permitted publicity and advertising.
Malpractice suit reporting.
General provisions for mandatory reporting rules.
Temporary practice permit.
Mandatory reporting.
Health care institutions.
Medical associations or societies.
Health care service contractors and disability insurance carriers.
State and federal agencies.
Professional review organizations.
Expired license.
Use of drugs or autotransfusion to enhance athletic ability.
AIDS education and training.
Retired active license.
Reentry to practice requirements.
Definitions used relative to substance abuse monitoring.
Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Examination appeal procedures.
Examination conduct.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsDenials based on failure to meet education, experience, or examination prerequisites for licensure.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Sexual misconduct.
Use of laser, light, radiofrequency, and plasma devices as applied to the skin.
Nonsurgical medical cosmetic procedures.
Safe and effective analgesia and anesthesia administration in office-based settings.
Pain managementIntent.
Patient evaluation.
Treatment plan.
Informed consent.
Written agreement for treatment.
Periodic review.
Long-acting opioids, including methadone.
Episodic care.
ConsultationRecommendations and requirements.
ConsultationExemptions for exigent and special circumstances.
ConsultationExemptions for the osteopathic physician.
Pain management specialist.
Osteopathic fees and renewal cycle.
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