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Chapter 246-851 WAC


WAC Sections

Approval of schools and colleges of optometry.
Continuing education requirement.
Approval of courses.
Category 1Credit for education from optometry-specific organizations.
Category 2Credit for education from nonoptometric organizations.
Category 3Credit for teaching.
Category 4Credit for publishing and exhibiting.
Category 5Credit for self-directed study.
Credits for practice management.
Credits for cultural competency in clinical care.
Minimum equipment requirements.
Mobile optometric units.
Contact lens advertising.
Maintenance of records.
Renting space from and practicing on premises of commercial (mercantile) concern.
Proper identification of licensees.
Doctor of optometry presumed responsible for advertisements.
Misleading titles or degrees.
Improper professional relationship.
Employed doctors of optometry, franchises and equipment use agreements.
Practice under another optometrist's name.
Certification required for use of pharmaceutical agents.
Drug formulary.
Optometrist with prescriptive authorization.
AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
Terms used in WAC 246-851-440 through 246-851-470.
Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Examination and licensure.
How to obtain a temporary practice permit while the national background check is completed.
Credentialing by endorsement.
Contact lens prescription defined.
Inactive credential.
Retired active credential.
Sexual misconduct.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Certification required for use or prescription of drugs administered orally for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
Drug list.
Guidelines for the use of oral Schedule II hydrocodone combination products and Schedule III through V controlled substances and legend drugs.
Certification required for administration of epinephrine by injection for treatment of anaphylactic shock.
Approval or removal of medications.
Optometry fees and renewal cycle.
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