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246-834-230  <<  246-834-240 >>   246-834-250

Trainee permit for midwife-in-training program.

(1) A trainee permit for a midwife-in-training (MIT) may be issued to any individual who has:
(a) Filed a completed MIT application accompanied by a nonrefundable fee as specified in WAC 246-834-990; and
(b) Been approved for the MIT program.
(2) The MIT trainee permit authorizes individuals to manage care as required in WAC 246-834-220(6).
(3) The MIT trainee may renew their permit annually for the duration of the MIT program, not to exceed five years.
(4) The department may deny, modify or revoke an MIT trainee permit at any time if the department determines that patient safety, health or welfare may be in jeopardy or the trainee fails to comply with the requirements of this section.
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