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246-834-220  <<  246-834-230 >>   246-834-240

Preceptor for midwife-in-training program.

(1) In reviewing a proposed midwife-in-training program, the department shall use the following criteria in assessing the qualifications and determining the responsibilities of the preceptor:
(a) Qualifications of preceptor:
(i) The preceptor shall have demonstrated the ability and skill to provide safe, quality care;
(ii) The preceptor shall have demonstrated continued interest in professional development beyond the requirements of basic licensure;
(iii) The preceptor shall participate in and successfully complete any preceptor workshop or other training deemed necessary by the department; and,
(iv) The preceptor shall be licensed in the state of Washington. Exception to this rule may be granted by the department in unusual circumstances.
(b) Responsibilities of the preceptor:
(i) The preceptor shall monitor the educational activities of the trainee and shall have at least one conference with the trainee quarterly to discuss progress;
(ii) The preceptor shall submit quarterly progress reports on approved forms to the department, and,
(iii) The preceptor shall maintain and submit the checklists as specified in WAC 246-834-220 (4)(b).
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